Merry Christmas

Thank you all, my really great blog friends.  You've enriched me with your blogs, some funny, some sad, some so very creative that I envy your talents, but in a good way. You've made me a better person, I hope a more interesting one and one that is grateful for what I have.
May your Christmas, your Kwanzaa or your Hanukkah be blessed, after all, we are all one people, all with the same beating heart and I hope, love and respect for our fellow man. May your New Year bring you happiness, success and peace.
Love to you all,

My Last Fairy of 2011

This is my last sculpt for 2011.  It's been a mixed bag this past year and I'm ready for the New Year with hopes for more creativity. Thank you all for visiting me, you've been a bright spot in my day each time you drop by.
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 I wanted this little fairys body to show but not be voluptuous.  I wanted her to have a childlike, innocent and tender look, kind of waif like.  I sculpted her little ribs to show, and gave her a slight tummy like a child might have. Her large eyes and long white eyelashes add to the fantasy. Over all, I'm pleased with her.

Fairy pond

This is one of my newest commissioned pieces.  My camera has been out of whack for a while, so I borrowed one to take pics until mine gets back.  Its a request for a fairy resting in sleep with a frog and some butterflies in the scene.  I added a pond for the froggy, and made him a prince waiting for a kiss that will transform him. ;>)

Lazy Bones

I brag on my dogs too much...I know that, but they are so darned cute and smart, can't help it.
I looked the house over for Rusty the other morning, he was nowhere to be found.  Went upstairs to my bedroom, called and called, started to panic, had he gotten out the front door somehow?  I called again and listened...all I heard was a muted snoring coming from my bed. I noticed one of the pillows was moving ever so slightly up and down in a rythmic motion.  I hurried downstairs for my camera to record for posterity and to show Larry.  I removed layer by layer very carefully and this is what I found.  Just had to share this. 

The Red Lamp

My sweetheart of more than 47 years has surprised me more than once in giving me my hearts desire.
I'm guessing 20 some odd years ago, Larry and I were driving down a busy street, he, paying attention to traffic, me, enjoying his company and 45 mile per hour window shopping. Suddenly something caught my eye!  Ohhhh did you see that red lamp in the window of that shop I asked...of course he couldn't have, it was four lanes across the street in a small shop and the traffic light was green!  I described it to him, a small tiffany style lamp glowing bright red through its glass shade.  I didn't give it another least I don't remember thinking of it again.  We lived about 35 miles from town at that time so our trips to the 'big city' of Fresno weren't an every day thing.  About two weeks passed and for some reason, Larry had to make a quick trip to town, I stayed home.  When he returned, he had the lamp, not one similar to it, but the lamp.  It was not an inexpensive lamp, least not to me, at least not then, so I treasured it and treasured him even more for knowing which lamp had caught my eye. His quick trip was just for that lamp.
Sometime in the past two years, it got broken.  I was sad to say the least. I looked at the beautiful broken red shade.  Two panels were shattered and in so many pieces that I could never put it back together.  Not being able to put it in the trash, I carefully picked up even the tiniest pieces and deposited them in a bowl. 
It was then that I fully realized that 'things' even special things that carry a precious and loving memory can be broken, but the memory behind it stays intact, just as beautiful as the item itself was.
I wonder how I would have reacted with my own children had one of them been the one that broke it while rough housing?  As it was, it was then three year old Matthew, and he wasn't even touching the lamp, but trying to open a drawer to look inside. My heart jumped when I heard the crash, not for the lamp, but for the little boy I loved way more than the lamp.  After seeing to him, I was relieved that he was ok.
With age comes a softer heart and I hope, wisdom to know whats really important. 
After Matthew left, I got out the bowl of broken glass and the shade.  I bent the framework back as best I could and got out the epoxy, clear tape and the tiny pieces of ruby red glass .  I managed to put it back together haphazardly, filling in the holes with epoxy.  After it dried, I set it up high on top of a bookcase with the broken panels to the back, no one would be the wiser.  It shines just as brightly as it did then. Now when I look at the lamp, I remember how I got it, not that it was broken.  An added bonus, is that I think of Matthew and how lucky I am to have him in my life.

Seeing things differently

I just read a post about Christmas by my son Chris at Autism Spoke.  and wanted to share it.

Belle and Mouse newest creation

This is Belle and Mouse, a compassionate little fairy who has befriended a little blind mouse.  This set was inspired by a friend of mine.  I had sculpted the little mouse months ago and  he's been providing me  company with his cute little self long enough.  With a change of clothing, dark glasses and a little cane, he became who he was meant to be from the beginning.  Personally, I think he's faking his blindness......=>)
Ebay Belle and Mouse

Side effects of cataract surgery...beware

When I was told I needed cataract surgery, I thought....Yippee!....I can look forward to sculpting without having to take 30 minute breaks every 15 minutes...that yet remains to be proven, I'm still recovering.  I was however, shocked to find out that two of the side effects of cataract surgery were, more wrinkles and more gray hairs.  I liked the old younger me better.


Off to the races

My middle son Gary is an avid bicyclist.  He's also a middle school Special Ed. teacher, and a great one at that.  He took up bicyling after he had major back surgery a few years ago.  It turned into a driving force for him and he now competes at the age of 44 with much younger men and he does very well. In this particular race the age range was up to age 45.  And at 44 he took third!  He rides and or races almost every weekend, and for the next couple of Sundays he'll be racing here in Fresno, and, his Dad and I plan on being there to cheer him on.

Wish I had taken a picture!

Yesterday, something happend that has never happend to me before.  It was such a nice day, instead of turning on the air conditoner, I left the sliding door to the patio open for a breeze. 
Mid morning I took a break from sculpting and was headed outside to water plants when I heard an unmistakable sound.  The frantic whirring of either a huge moth or a hummingbird.  I couldn't see it, but knew where it was coming from. Following the sound,  I caught a glimpse of a tiny hummer trying frantically to get through the glass and back outside.  It had apparently followed the light upwards to a window in the staircase landing about 14 ft from the floor. Fetching a ladder and hoping the poor little bird wouldn't fly out into the open room where I would never be able to rescue it, I climbed up.  When I got to where I could see it, it had collapsed into the corner of the window with its little beak pointed up wings spread and completely still.  It was just a baby.  I thought it had fatally injured itself.  I reached over the bookcase and gently picked it up, still motionless.  I told Larry it was dead and climbed down thinking I would bury it.  I walked outside and noticed its tiny little feet were stuck together with ....poo.  I tried to release its legs and clean them before burying it.  To my surprise, it suddenly just zipped out of my hand and flew away into the nearby tree.  This in iself was a surprise considering the amount of tiny irredescent feathers it had lost in its battle with the window.  Had I known it was still alive, I would have taken a picture, but taking a picture of the poor little (dead) bird was the last thing on my mind at the time.  I went from sad to happy to worried, praying that the little creature would make it.

My guess is that the little fellow was attracted to the red glassware clearly visible from the patio door.  Realizing they weren't a source of yummy, he flew upward to the bright light from the window in the stairwell.


The Beth Ramacher Educational Complex is my youngest grandson Matthews new school. The Beth Ramacher staff has realized a dream of establishing a Sensory Room that has become a model for other schools. Many of the students are functioning at the sensory level of development and require sensory input to meet their educational needs. The Sensory Room offers a multitude of activities that require students to become active participants for building skills and in turn, motivates their desire to learn.
They're doing a phenomenal job!

Romance 46 yrs later

Tomorrow will be mine and Larrys 46th anniversary.  It will forever be tarnished by the date it shares with the tragedy of 9-11.  The one on that date was a difficult one to begin with.  Larry was recovering from an accident that made it impossible for him to sleep anywhere but on the sofa in the living room....and me on a blanket and pillow on the floor as close to him as I could get should he need me.  The phone rang early, but I was already awake, just lying there hoping to catch a little sleep before the day began.  It was our son Gary telling us to turn on the television....and thats how we spent that anniversary.  (more about Gary later)
This one was intended to be a little better.  As a pet lover....I'm sure there are many more out there who will understand....we haven't been away for an overnight trip since we adopted Rusty....our first little Chihuahua.  We made arrangements for our son Chris to come over and, lets call it house sit. LOL We love our little pets and just couldn't board them.
 Step back a little over a week ago.  I got the urge to clean......bathtubs......and clean I did, they sparkled!  But, shortly after I finished, I realized that I should have been a little less enthusiastic.  I hurt!  And the pain is still here today, so, this little froggy won't be hopping off the the coast with her froggy prince.  Our oldest son Mike invited us up the his home in the foothills for a barbecue, but, I honestly don't think the long ride would do myself any good.  He's a great cook and I regret missing it.
We will instead spend the day at home, watch the ballgame.....we're die hard Giants fans.  Perhaps go to dinner or maybe even a movie...we'll play it by ear. 

Candlelight Fairy

Fall, my favorite season of all, is just around the corner and I can hardly wait. It seems the shadows fall differently almost over night, and the air is heavy with the scent of grapes ripening, followed by the intoxicating scent of those same grapes laid out on paper trays in the sun to magically turn into raisins, almost wine like, I love it!  I'll be bringing out the lap quilts soon and lighting spicy pear and vanilla candles.
I'm sure there's a Fall Fairy looking over my shoulder patiently waiting her turn to appear.
In the mean time, here's Candlelight.

She was done in tiny increments of time that I managed to steal these past few weeks.
When inspiration fails me, and it has more and more lately, I turn to my favorite theme, fairies and candle light.  This one is different from any I've done, she's larger and leans into the candle as if carressing it lovingly. She's a rather romantic fairy who loves candlelight...I can understand that. 
Her Ebay Link

New Listing on Ebay

I'm listing another piece sooner than I usually do.  Fact of the matter is, its one that I started back when I had surgery and didn't get it finished.  So, it sat on my workbench until the urge to finish it arrived.  The Bunny is one of my 'treasures' aquired a long time ago, so long ago, that I've forgotten when.  I just remember it sitting on a shelf and with its sweet face, I just couldn't leave it there.  I perceived that she wanted to be an elegant lady,' so I gave her a vintage Victorian look and it agreed with her completely.  She even has a tiny watch hanging from a silk ribbon to help her be on time to the many parties she is sure to be invited to. I thought of names for her, wanting something that went with Bunny, and Bella just clicked, so Lady Bella Bunny is her name.  The little Fairy is named Honey and sits on Bellas back shaded by a little handmade parasol.

Newest Creation Flutterbye

This is my latest and my latest favorite.  She's rather large at about 10 inches toe to head.

Success! Baby Doves

In a past post, I attempted to record the span of time from a dove egg hatching to fledgling stage.  Disaster struck twice, and the eggs were stolen immediately.   I moved Delilahs favorite nesting spot to a more secluded and protected area and before long, she was nesting again.   She was zealous in her attempt this time, rarely leaving the nest unattended, trading off duties with the male dove.  Not wanting to jinx it, I didn't take pictures.  Over time, Delilah became comfortable with my comings and goings and actually let me get within 2 feet to take this picture. The other one is of the babies just two days after the first picture when she left them alone.


Older in years and comfortably owning it

Today marks my sixty-sixth year.  It began a little ater midnight with my sweetheart of 48 yrs (married almost 46 of them) telling me sleepily 'Happy Birthday hon'. Phone calls came in, first one was a little after six am  from my oldest son Michael,  he restrained himself from calling me earlier.....but, I would have welcomed his call no matter the hour.  My youngest son Chris and family called and sang Happy Birthday to me and two of my grand daughters called wishing me a happy birthday as well.  Larry wanted to take me to breakfast, but I lazily decided to just enjoy a cup of coffee in the cool of the morning in the back yard.  I'm not ruling out dinner though.

 My middle son Gary and family treated me to an early birthday on Saturday...I totally enjoyed a baseball game with them, but most of all enjoyed their company. 

Its interesting that twenty years ago I wasn't particularly proud of my age and was reluctant to reveal it.  Today is different, while I'm not loving the lines in my face, I proudly own my 66 years. I like to think I'm wiser, educated by life, good and bad.   I have a healthier outlook even if I'm not physically healthier.  I tend to appreciate the small things in life more. I used to dread getting older, but after experiencing it, its not so bad. I'm sure ten years from now I will be looking back longingly and thinking how young  66 actually was.  I seem to have more determination than stamina, which proves to be a difficult combination. My imagination is more fertile, anything is possible in this  faerie  realm I discovered a few years ago.  Age is relative, and I'm truly thankful and happy to be where I am today.

Thanks to all of you who have called and emailed me wishing me well!


Latest sculpt for a special lady

Helen is such a pleasure to create for, she tells me her vision of what she wants and then leaves it in my hands.  This is the lastest, a pair of faerie sisters, Willow and Summer.

My favorite holiday, 4th of July 2011

Newest Creation

I finished a doll...not a BJD yet...still working on that project!  But, I managed to complete this one, one of my largest to date at about 12 inches if she were standing.  A Goth inspired sweet faced Witch named Raven. She's posable at the shoulder, elbow and knee and sits on a pedestal base that has a small raven perced at the bottom.   She is one of my few ebay listings lately.

Thank you Kathy

I'm always in for a pleasant surprise or experience when I visit Kathys blog...Blissfulrythm. I went with the intention of thanking her for the delightful surprise that came in the mail today.  A thank you for participating in her Pay it Forward.  She sent a lovely little tin full of Apricot Orange tea and one of her delightful hand made tags.  But I also found a give a way that she is referring everyone to on  Becky Povich blog. A chance to win an autographed copy of Ms. Micheal Lee Wests' book, Gone With a Handsomer Man....check it out.  The title is so very intriguing.

Click on cover to see contest rules!
Gone With a Handsomer Man, by Michael Lee West

Latest commissioned sculpt

Here are pictures of my latest and finally completed commisioned piece.  While I enjoyed creating her, I am glad to send her to her new home.  I began this one way back in happend, not just to me, but to her owner and her completion was delayed.  I'm pleased with her and the vibrant colors and pose the collector chose.

New Listing for Ebay........finally

After a few months of not listing on ebay,   I finished one that I started a while back.     
 Shes Gothic in style, but in a sweet faced  way, no fangs.... but,
 she does have lovely bat wings.

For Matthew, For Autism

Autism Awareness One Dad Bikethon

Chris has been working on the short film 'Say Cheese' feverishly, but with school, family and assorted illnesses thrown in he won't make his deadline for April 2nd.  He will complete the film, but, not wanting to come up empty handed on Autism Awarness Day, he's doing a one dad bikethon this Saturday, April 2nd.
If you would like to give him a word of encouragment you can leave him a comment at the link above.
Thanks so much!

Thank you for participating.

I am in the process of creating for the first five that posted on my Pay It Forward...Thank you for participating, and for your well wishes which are so appreciated!
Kelli...Victoria...Morena...Nicole and Kathy Please visit their wonderful blogs!


Thank you new followers

My new followers are bringing me more beautiful things to look at and wonderful things to learn.  I'm amazed at how much talent there is out there that I was unaware of until I found all of you.  My heartfelt thank you to.....
Eawere Art...Patricia...Acension...Novelda...Deborah...Heather....Patch...Weelittlewest...Sir Alvert...
Allesandra...Colleen and Catherine.

Pay It Forward 2011

I was visiting Kathy's blog, A Delightsome Life... where she shared this idea she found through visiting others blogs.
It's called..... 
Pay It Forward 2011
Being familiar with the concept from the movie with the same title, I wanted to join in!

Here's how it works

The first five people who comment on this blog post will receive a handmade gift from Me....Judy (Once We Were Faeries)

In return, you must FIRST write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward 2011.Then.... send out a handmade gift to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment. Take your don't need to send them all today or tomorrow.  Gifts from the heart are worth the wait!

This is such a nice way to make new friends and share the love of things we create with our hearts and hands.
"It's not the size of the gift that matters, but the spirit 
of paying it forward."
I will be going into the hospital in 10 days, so I may be a little long in getting my offerings out..... lots to do before and recovery after, but I will get them out.
Thank you for participating.

Frost Lily, Newest creation

Beauty come in all forms....I think anyway.  And thank goodness so does a lovely collector who has a fondness for my frog fae.  Lily is my latest commissioned piece. Her pose and the theme was suggested by my collector.  I really like the results.

Newest Creation

A dear lady commissioned a special set from me  She requested a Fairy maiden sitting with her chin resting on her hand watching a pair of pixies as they entertain her.  I came up with this and she was pleased. I rarely do multiple pieces in a set, and this one was fun. Thank you Helen for allowing me the pleasure to create your idea for you, I hope I did it justice.

Blogs to share

 A few blogs that I would like to share with you.
Pudge and Biggs These little darlings will warm your heart!
Beedebabeee    Lovely romantic beaded creations
bb flockling       Some of the most creative work I've seen

A lovely award from Jollie

I had a sweet surprise waiting for me this morning. An award from Jollie from A Little More Minis.  Thank you Jollie, and I will pass it along to a few more ladies who are very creative in so many ways. Very hard to choose I might add. Easily ten more! This award was created by Arte y Pico

Penny-Angels Door        Lori-Out of the Flames     Victoria-Dark Squirrels Miniature Asylum
Marisa-Steinworks         Liliane-My Dreams About Fairies        Kelli- Animal Friendly Eating

Heartfelt Thanks to my New Followers

To all of you...who so kindly follow me as I go my way.  I find something in every one of your blogs that warms my heart, encourages me, and inspires me.  Each blog opens a new door for me and makes my world more interesting.  I thank each and every one of you.
Nicole, Morena, Cheryl, Petunia, Nuria, Liliane,Vlinder,Dessa Rae, Leo Landry, Samantha, Carla, Duendes, Corrie, Mirsini, Incanto Studios, Diny, Astrid Bears, Leny, Neeleman, Anna, Cheryl, Meike, Althea and Jollie.

Someday - A film about us.

This is another film by my youngest son Chris. He made it to honor his wife Angelica, and his children, Karen and Matthew. It's far and away my favorite of the films he has made.
As his Mom, I can see what lies beneath what you see and it means so much in so many ways.  Unaware at the time, their someday actually began in third grade in 1979. In this short film there's a class picture of him and the love of his life, his future wife Angelica.  They didn't know then, but their paths would come together again about twenty five years later.  Life has a funny way of happening sometimes. 
Please turn down the volume of my background music at the bottom of this page so you can enjoy the lovely soundtrack that accompanies this film. 
Thank you,

First for 2011

It's probably obvious to some that I really like to pair fairies with candles. It's always seemed so right to me. Both being kind of magical.

This one has been a work in progress since way before Christmas.  But, she was finally completed and became my first for 2011.

She's pretty versatile in that the design that allows her to sit securely is removable, and can be placed on either side of the candleholder, that also applies to the tulip votive holder as well. She's a romantic looking little fae.

I wish you all a wonderful 2011 full of peace, love and happiness!

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