Sculpting tip for those with Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis

For the days that I just can't hold anything between my thumb and finger to sculpt a head I go to this method.  While it only helps with sculpting heads, it's a huge help for me on problem days, since the head can sometimes be the most time consuming. I'm terrible at giving instructions,and  usually end up confusing instead of helping.  But, I thought this was fairly simple and if it helps one person, I'm happy.

Christmas time already?

Left to right, Pink, Charlotte and Rusty.  To get their attention, I asked...."Whats the magic word?" It got their ears perked up and a look of anticipation on their faces.  Just so you know, the magic word is
Mc Donalds!  Bad mommy I know, but its not like they get a meat patty every day.

Fairy sleeping on mushroom

This was created from an idea that a wonderful collector had. She requested a sleeping fairy with a curious pair of pixies underneath.  This set was such fun for me to create.

Flight of Fancy

   A good portion of my creations  are inspired by something. A thought, a dream or who knows what. This one was born of an unexpectedly, intense and fleeting desire to pack up the car with a few essentials, husband and pups first of course, and go somewhere other than here. It's been a stressful time for me,and I think this little fairy was a manifestation of my need to escape to a place free of care and worries for a short while.  I love this little faerie girl and her huge imagination!         


Latest Creation..Forget Me Never

Sometimes coming up with a name will inspire the outcome of a piece.  I've done this many times and its wonderful to see how a name affects the outcome.

This piece was commissioned by a wonderful collector who helped me create this little faerie,
by providing me with a name for her. She asked that I name the faerie 'Forget Me Never' and, that she be in a curled up position. And, I want to thank her for her inspiration. With that in mind, I was immediately sure that this little faerie would be rather sad. or melancholy.

Knowing my collector doesn't care for pink, I used red, yellow and pale orange roses which gave her a lovely old fashioned look. The rose theme was continuted through out the piece, in her hair, on her dress, her wings and the personalized trinket box book.

Last Strawberry of Summer

Pink enjoyed the last strawberry of the season today.  She checked it out first and then munched away! Will plant a pot for me next year!

Newest creation

I've gotten sidetracked a couple of times...nothing new for me, always putting somthing aside for later, after all, I have all the time in the world.  Well, this one was intended to be entered in a local competition, but life happened and she got put in a drawer. Not even put together, she lay there, just a head, legs and arms.  Every time I opened the drawer, there she was, looking at me with her soulful eyes and reminding me in some faded way of my grandmother.  She has the same gentle and kind face that I remember.... mostly from old photographs. She died when I was only four, but memories of her remain, like sitting on her lap and eating dinner.  Walking along side her holding her hand with the ever present white hankie...maybe thats why I collect hankies...never thought of it before.  I distinctly remember holding on to two of her fingers while she held the hankie in her palm. Even though I only had her for a few young years, she made an impression on me.  That being said, I felt the need to complete this one before I can continue with another.
She is titled Time Flies and is dressed in antique lace and fabrics, adorned with numerous tiny time pieces, some with wings, some still waiting in a pocket watch case laying on the hem of her dress.

Welcome to new friends

Thank you wonderful people for sharing your blogs with me. I find something unique and interesting in each and every one. Thank you to, Bella, Misty, Kathy,Gail,Rocca, Tanya, and my old friend Lana.......Lana's not old, I've just known her for a long time. =>)
All your blogs have enriched me, from the beadings, glassworks, miniatures, home decorating, foods....of all kinds, and pets, to my fellow sculptors, I love 'em all! Thank you!


The Anniversary

Today marks two anniversaries for our family. Forty five years of marriage. An anniversary forever changed.  We still celebrate, but with reserve. We remember what we were doing that day, and the early morning phone call from our son Gary telling us to turn on the television.....we will never forget that anniversary.

This one was marked with calls from our sons, different calls, wishing well, telling us they love us, and flowers from Larry, my better half. We will go out to a movie and have dinner, and know how fortunate we are.
Our thoughts are with those who suffered losses, pain and anguish nine years ago.

Hector and Pink

I posted a picture of a tiny grasshopper I named Hector a couple of weeks ago.  He probably will be going where ever it is grasshoppers go when the weather cools off, so I had to get one more picture of him. Here's Pink and Hector, partners in crime, and not a strawberry to be found anywhere.

Thank you to my old and new friends

Time to catch up and thank all of you who honor me with your presence and kind words of support. Old friends, Penny, Rose, friends Desidoll, Rose Farnsworth Davis, Fairystudiokallies, Marisa, Paulette, Victoria, Cerchiofatato, Gina, Sara, Rosa, Out of the Flames, Kelli,Jody, and the anonymous as well. 
Love to you all,

Vintage treasures

I collect vintage textiles......hankies, gloves, fabrics, name it.  Just yesterday I received a surprise in the mail.  The lovely and generous lady who won Mariposa the butterfly fairy, sent me a pair of really beautiful black lacy gloves along with some pretty vintage fabrics.  These are a few of my recently acquired treasures along with the gloves...Thank you Lisa!

How much can Hector eat?

I took a break from sculpting fairies this morning, and went to the garden to enjoy a cup of coffee and some toast. I love the cool quietness in the morning before the heat sets in. I found this little fellow doing much the same as I, only he was munching on a strawberry leaf. He's as cute as can be...I know he will grow into a plant destroying huge grasshopper, but I decided to live and let live. I kind of hope he sticks around so I can watch him a little longer. I've named him Hector. Between Hector and Pink, my strawberries may be in trouble.

Pink's geting her portrait done!

My daughter in law who's a wonderful
 watercolor artist presented me with
portraits of my dogs, Rusty and Charlotte
  for my birthday last year.  That was
before we adopted now it's Pinks turn.
Judy (my daughter in law) works from
    photographs, so I set about trying to get a good
        picture for her to use. It took me awhile, but
      I think I got a good one.
    I'm really excited about this since I love
the first two potraits,and proudly display them
 in the entry hall.  She's an extremely busy
 young woman so this will take time,
 but I will try to keep you posted.
If you get a chance, check out her
 link in my blog link
it shows her beautiful artwork.
I love sculpting fairies, but oh how I wish
I could master watercolor!

Mermaid finished finally!

I have to admit, I wasn't sure about a gypsy mermaid, but the wonderful lady who commissioned her must be a genius! She wanted her patterned after Disney's Esmerelda with dark skin, voluptuous curves, black hair and bright scarlet orange colors for her mermaid tail.

CDHM Interview

I would like to thank all responsible for this honor. It always amazes me when I'm chosen for something, big or small.  I need to work on my self confidence.........least that's what my better half tells me........I'm so pleased to be among fellow artists that have enjoyed this recognition in the past and in the future as well.


My random postings, it makes perfect sense to me.

While the main purpose of this blog is to promote my artistic side....I find it impossible to ignore the other parts that are just as, or more important than my sculpting. So, from time to time, I like to share tidbits that make 

My youngest son Chris and youngest grandson Matthew

New Work in Progress

This is a commissioned piece and will be a dark skinned mermaid, exotic and sultry. Her eyes are a pale olive green with a gold tone around the pupil. At this stage, she isn't blushed or painted, just the color of the custom mixed clay. I hope to have more pictures to share as work progresses.

Happy 4th of July 2010

The 4th of July is my favorite stress, just family and friends gathering to enjoy each others company and to appreciate what we take for granted most of the year.

A special red white and blue quilt hand made many years ago with family and friends names written on it. From toddler scrawls to foreign exchange students who joined us to celebrate...spread out on the grass of the local high school football field. Fireworks lighting up the warm summer evening, hot dogs, shaved ice, This has become a traditional 4th of July for us. Grandchildren making the occasion even more special as years go by. Seeing it all fresh...reflected in their eyes.

Work in Progress

Tapper was sculpted
 last year as a commission
for a dear friend and
 I have very few work in
 progress pics, but this
 was a fun one, so I thought
I would share her.
She's an exuberant little
 faerie, Julz
 can barely keep her
 on her base. :)

Mothers Day Gift

For Mothers Day, my youngest son created a short video for me.  I was reluctant at first, after all, I'm the one behind the camera, not in front of it.  I was very self-conscious, but he did a wonderful job. He spent a few hours just talking to me, asking me questions, and filming me surreptitiously...he's good at that!  He has done several videos for local people including one for Nonini Winery, a small family owned winery near here.  He's currently working on a promotional film for the Central California Autism Center. His son, my youngest grandson Matthew, receives therapy from CCAC.

Thank you Chris!

A Work in Progress

Finding my step at a time.  Blogging is new to me, so....please bear with me as I go. My intention is to introduce myself, my interests, my likes...maybe dislikes.  Work in progress if I can find fresh batteries for the camera..always a problem.
The past weeks have been a jumble of different things...losing two dear family members....realizing how short life is and how important it is to appreciate every moment of every day.

Estate sale treasure hunt....I love treasure hunting.  Fancy old hats from the 30's,40's etc.  Lacy gloves, tea cups and saucers.  Gorgeous old pieces of the past.  Latest old dresser for my studio.  It holds my treasures, vintage laces, special fabrics etc.

My three canine children....left to right..Our newest adoptee sweet little mischief maker Pink, Charlotte, the little princess of the three, and Rusty, the brain and mastermind.

It isn't the bugs eating the berries or the reason the Lilies aren't blooming.....Pink discovered my berries...and a pot of Lilies.  She loves to sit on anything that's elevated.

Some of my favorite pieces and why....

Nocturne is one that I wish I had kept. The combination of the candles soft glow,the rich fabrics and the unusual brass lamp created a beautiful setting for this sweet little faerie. She lives with a lovely young woman
in England who calls me Nana.

Princess Charlotte was given gorgeous Peacock feathers for wings, dressed in jewel toned fabrics, she truly looked like a Princess.

Captured had such a sad little face.  I felt a strange sense of guilt for being the one responsible for her anguish.

I called this one Jodi`O after my oldest grand daughter.  When she was about four yrs old we were having a picnic in the back yard and being annoyed by a persistant fly... she asked me..."Why did God create flies  anyway?"  She was full of so many questions..much like this little fairy who asked me why are you pulling all the Dandy Lions?  The gist of the piece was that Jodi`O the fairy came along behind me and re-planted the dandelions.

"In Love With The Man In The Moon'
This set had so much to look at.  The sweet faced little Princess dressed in my favorite colors and fabrics, carressing the face of the elegantly bejeweled Man In The Moon, the object of her affection.

Flicker and Flame two of my all time favorites, they were such a fun pair to create.
Irenee, little fairy of illumination, so delicate looking.

Once We Were Faeries


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