The Beth Ramacher Educational Complex is my youngest grandson Matthews new school. The Beth Ramacher staff has realized a dream of establishing a Sensory Room that has become a model for other schools. Many of the students are functioning at the sensory level of development and require sensory input to meet their educational needs. The Sensory Room offers a multitude of activities that require students to become active participants for building skills and in turn, motivates their desire to learn.
They're doing a phenomenal job!

Romance 46 yrs later

Tomorrow will be mine and Larrys 46th anniversary.  It will forever be tarnished by the date it shares with the tragedy of 9-11.  The one on that date was a difficult one to begin with.  Larry was recovering from an accident that made it impossible for him to sleep anywhere but on the sofa in the living room....and me on a blanket and pillow on the floor as close to him as I could get should he need me.  The phone rang early, but I was already awake, just lying there hoping to catch a little sleep before the day began.  It was our son Gary telling us to turn on the television....and thats how we spent that anniversary.  (more about Gary later)
This one was intended to be a little better.  As a pet lover....I'm sure there are many more out there who will understand....we haven't been away for an overnight trip since we adopted Rusty....our first little Chihuahua.  We made arrangements for our son Chris to come over and, lets call it house sit. LOL We love our little pets and just couldn't board them.
 Step back a little over a week ago.  I got the urge to clean......bathtubs......and clean I did, they sparkled!  But, shortly after I finished, I realized that I should have been a little less enthusiastic.  I hurt!  And the pain is still here today, so, this little froggy won't be hopping off the the coast with her froggy prince.  Our oldest son Mike invited us up the his home in the foothills for a barbecue, but, I honestly don't think the long ride would do myself any good.  He's a great cook and I regret missing it.
We will instead spend the day at home, watch the ballgame.....we're die hard Giants fans.  Perhaps go to dinner or maybe even a movie...we'll play it by ear. 

Once We Were Faeries


You give your love and friendship unconditionally. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

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