I finally got confirmation that I will have surgery to relieve some of the pain in my hands and hopefully get back to sculpting.  First is my right hand, the worst one, in three weeks, then three weeks later my left hand.  I know it won't rid me of pain completely, but if I can regain some use I will be thrilled.  In the meantime, my little Etsy adventure continues to keep me busy.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July everyone.  We will continue our tradition of a hometown Fourth, sitting on the grass of the football field, enjoying all the yummy food that goes with this sort of get together and topping it off with a spectacular fireworks display.

My Etsy Shop

A few of the vintage items I've listed.  I truly enjoy this, it gives me something to do while I wait for my hands to co operate while I hopefully can get back to sculpting a little.  I've always collected and loved vintage anything, so now I can still collect and not be a hoarder.

Something different for me..

I think the day may have come that I've been dreading for quite some time.  I'm having such a difficult time with the Rheumatoid Arthritis that has plagued me for more than 20 yrs, that my doll making has almost come to a standstill.  It came on fairly suddenly and isn't subsiding like in the past.  My fingers and hands have become so painful that I've been unable to sculpt successfully. According to my Rheumatologist I'm already on the maximum dosage of the medication I can safely take. It's worked for over 20 yrs, for that I am thankful. I'm hoping that resting a while, I will be able to resume sculpting for a little longer.  In the mean time, my love of treasure hunting is seeing me through and giving me something less painful to do, and may in the long run give me an alternative to sculpting.  I hope it's someting that I can do more part time and in addition to my sculpting than instead of. I'm slowly listing some of my vintage treasures in my Etsy shop.  Even that is slow going.  Wish me luck and keep me in your thoughts please.
Thank you all for all of your inspiration and kindness.
My Etsy Shop

Lamby Pooh

My latest offering on ebay is a little princess with an attitude.  She was quite a bit of fun for me and I hope you all enjoy her too.Lamby-Pooh on ebay

Alice and Alegra Fairy Sisters

 My latest for ebay.  A set I adored but am happy to say that they are going to a lovely lady in Australia.  Thank you Helen, I hope you enjoy these two precious sister fairys. They wear dresses hand made from vintage fabric and have really pretty pastel moth like wings.

Mama 'Possum and babies

This is my latest offering for ebay, she's a sweet little Mama Opossum and three tiny babies hanging from her tail.  While I'm not sure how accurate that might be, it's a common conception that they hang from Mamas tail.  A friend told me that Opossums are immune to rattlesnake venom and do NOT contract/carry rabies and are really quite shy. Their life spans are very short in the wild...1-2 years.  (Thank you Tammy) =>).....But, little Posey and her babies will be around for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Awesome and Enlightening

I came across this on Face Book and it just reinforces what I've always believed. Please take the time to watch this.  It will change the way you look at Autism and the people who are locked in a world we can't even begin to imagine.
Carly, an amazing young girl!

Once We Were Faeries


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