Heartfelt Thanks to my New Followers

To all of you...who so kindly follow me as I go my way.  I find something in every one of your blogs that warms my heart, encourages me, and inspires me.  Each blog opens a new door for me and makes my world more interesting.  I thank each and every one of you.
Nicole, Morena, Cheryl, Petunia, Nuria, Liliane,Vlinder,Dessa Rae, Leo Landry, Samantha, Carla, Duendes, Corrie, Mirsini, Incanto Studios, Diny, Astrid Bears, Leny, Neeleman, Anna, Cheryl, Meike, Althea and Jollie.

Once We Were Faeries


You give your love and friendship unconditionally. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

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