Newest Creation Flutterbye

This is my latest and my latest favorite.  She's rather large at about 10 inches toe to head.

Success! Baby Doves

In a past post, I attempted to record the span of time from a dove egg hatching to fledgling stage.  Disaster struck twice, and the eggs were stolen immediately.   I moved Delilahs favorite nesting spot to a more secluded and protected area and before long, she was nesting again.   She was zealous in her attempt this time, rarely leaving the nest unattended, trading off duties with the male dove.  Not wanting to jinx it, I didn't take pictures.  Over time, Delilah became comfortable with my comings and goings and actually let me get within 2 feet to take this picture. The other one is of the babies just two days after the first picture when she left them alone.


Older in years and comfortably owning it

Today marks my sixty-sixth year.  It began a little ater midnight with my sweetheart of 48 yrs (married almost 46 of them) telling me sleepily 'Happy Birthday hon'. Phone calls came in, first one was a little after six am  from my oldest son Michael,  he restrained himself from calling me earlier.....but, I would have welcomed his call no matter the hour.  My youngest son Chris and family called and sang Happy Birthday to me and two of my grand daughters called wishing me a happy birthday as well.  Larry wanted to take me to breakfast, but I lazily decided to just enjoy a cup of coffee in the cool of the morning in the back yard.  I'm not ruling out dinner though.

 My middle son Gary and family treated me to an early birthday on Saturday...I totally enjoyed a baseball game with them, but most of all enjoyed their company. 

Its interesting that twenty years ago I wasn't particularly proud of my age and was reluctant to reveal it.  Today is different, while I'm not loving the lines in my face, I proudly own my 66 years. I like to think I'm wiser, educated by life, good and bad.   I have a healthier outlook even if I'm not physically healthier.  I tend to appreciate the small things in life more. I used to dread getting older, but after experiencing it, its not so bad. I'm sure ten years from now I will be looking back longingly and thinking how young  66 actually was.  I seem to have more determination than stamina, which proves to be a difficult combination. My imagination is more fertile, anything is possible in this  faerie  realm I discovered a few years ago.  Age is relative, and I'm truly thankful and happy to be where I am today.

Thanks to all of you who have called and emailed me wishing me well!


Latest sculpt for a special lady

Helen is such a pleasure to create for, she tells me her vision of what she wants and then leaves it in my hands.  This is the lastest, a pair of faerie sisters, Willow and Summer.

My favorite holiday, 4th of July 2011

Once We Were Faeries


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