Blogs to share

 A few blogs that I would like to share with you.
Pudge and Biggs These little darlings will warm your heart!
Beedebabeee    Lovely romantic beaded creations
bb flockling       Some of the most creative work I've seen

A lovely award from Jollie

I had a sweet surprise waiting for me this morning. An award from Jollie from A Little More Minis.  Thank you Jollie, and I will pass it along to a few more ladies who are very creative in so many ways. Very hard to choose I might add. Easily ten more! This award was created by Arte y Pico

Penny-Angels Door        Lori-Out of the Flames     Victoria-Dark Squirrels Miniature Asylum
Marisa-Steinworks         Liliane-My Dreams About Fairies        Kelli- Animal Friendly Eating

Once We Were Faeries


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