Thank you to my old and new friends

Time to catch up and thank all of you who honor me with your presence and kind words of support. Old friends, Penny, Rose, friends Desidoll, Rose Farnsworth Davis, Fairystudiokallies, Marisa, Paulette, Victoria, Cerchiofatato, Gina, Sara, Rosa, Out of the Flames, Kelli,Jody, and the anonymous as well. 
Love to you all,

Vintage treasures

I collect vintage textiles......hankies, gloves, fabrics, name it.  Just yesterday I received a surprise in the mail.  The lovely and generous lady who won Mariposa the butterfly fairy, sent me a pair of really beautiful black lacy gloves along with some pretty vintage fabrics.  These are a few of my recently acquired treasures along with the gloves...Thank you Lisa!

How much can Hector eat?

I took a break from sculpting fairies this morning, and went to the garden to enjoy a cup of coffee and some toast. I love the cool quietness in the morning before the heat sets in. I found this little fellow doing much the same as I, only he was munching on a strawberry leaf. He's as cute as can be...I know he will grow into a plant destroying huge grasshopper, but I decided to live and let live. I kind of hope he sticks around so I can watch him a little longer. I've named him Hector. Between Hector and Pink, my strawberries may be in trouble.

Pink's geting her portrait done!

My daughter in law who's a wonderful
 watercolor artist presented me with
portraits of my dogs, Rusty and Charlotte
  for my birthday last year.  That was
before we adopted now it's Pinks turn.
Judy (my daughter in law) works from
    photographs, so I set about trying to get a good
        picture for her to use. It took me awhile, but
      I think I got a good one.
    I'm really excited about this since I love
the first two potraits,and proudly display them
 in the entry hall.  She's an extremely busy
 young woman so this will take time,
 but I will try to keep you posted.
If you get a chance, check out her
 link in my blog link
it shows her beautiful artwork.
I love sculpting fairies, but oh how I wish
I could master watercolor!

Mermaid finished finally!

I have to admit, I wasn't sure about a gypsy mermaid, but the wonderful lady who commissioned her must be a genius! She wanted her patterned after Disney's Esmerelda with dark skin, voluptuous curves, black hair and bright scarlet orange colors for her mermaid tail.

CDHM Interview

I would like to thank all responsible for this honor. It always amazes me when I'm chosen for something, big or small.  I need to work on my self confidence.........least that's what my better half tells me........I'm so pleased to be among fellow artists that have enjoyed this recognition in the past and in the future as well.


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