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 A few blogs that I would like to share with you.
Pudge and Biggs These little darlings will warm your heart!
Beedebabeee    Lovely romantic beaded creations
bb flockling       Some of the most creative work I've seen

A lovely award from Jollie

I had a sweet surprise waiting for me this morning. An award from Jollie from A Little More Minis.  Thank you Jollie, and I will pass it along to a few more ladies who are very creative in so many ways. Very hard to choose I might add. Easily ten more! This award was created by Arte y Pico

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Heartfelt Thanks to my New Followers

To all of you...who so kindly follow me as I go my way.  I find something in every one of your blogs that warms my heart, encourages me, and inspires me.  Each blog opens a new door for me and makes my world more interesting.  I thank each and every one of you.
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Someday - A film about us.

This is another film by my youngest son Chris. He made it to honor his wife Angelica, and his children, Karen and Matthew. It's far and away my favorite of the films he has made.
As his Mom, I can see what lies beneath what you see and it means so much in so many ways.  Unaware at the time, their someday actually began in third grade in 1979. In this short film there's a class picture of him and the love of his life, his future wife Angelica.  They didn't know then, but their paths would come together again about twenty five years later.  Life has a funny way of happening sometimes. 
Please turn down the volume of my background music at the bottom of this page so you can enjoy the lovely soundtrack that accompanies this film. 
Thank you,

First for 2011

It's probably obvious to some that I really like to pair fairies with candles. It's always seemed so right to me. Both being kind of magical.

This one has been a work in progress since way before Christmas.  But, she was finally completed and became my first for 2011.

She's pretty versatile in that the design that allows her to sit securely is removable, and can be placed on either side of the candleholder, that also applies to the tulip votive holder as well. She's a romantic looking little fae.

I wish you all a wonderful 2011 full of peace, love and happiness!

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