2015 is promising to be a better year than the one before.  Rusty, my little dog who was diagnosed with Leukemia remains in remission and looks and acts like his old self.

New venture is getting weight off of my little dog Pink who would rather sleep than excercise. She eats anything and everything.  That turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  She devours celery, she eats it like it is the best steak you could imagine.  I got the bright idea of cutting the celery up into pieces and throwing it.  Her little legs can run when food is involved.  When we rescued her 5 yrs ago, she weighed 5lbs 2 oz.  She acted like she had been starved to death and her ribs protruded.  Sympathy and love led us to over feed her up to 12 plus pounds!.....In my defense, my husband was the main culprit.  He gave her potato chips....cake...whatever he was eating.  She started to have episodes of panting and coughing and I knew we had to do something.  Laying down the law to you know who and cutting back what I was feeding her............(I didn't know she only needs 78 -160 calories a day depending on her activity level.....she's a couch potato)  we have managed to get her down to 10.6 and two pounds on a little dog really shows.

Cataract surgery on my left eye is doing great.  I can see to drive without my glasses, but close up is still bad.  New glasses in a couple of weeks should take care of that and then back to sculpting, can't wait!  

My Etsy shop is keeping me fairly busy in the meantime, but it's so difficult to stay off the computer and rest my eyes.

I hope everyone is doing great, I will visit when my eyes are better.

Love and best wishes,

Once We Were Faeries


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