Lazy Bones

I brag on my dogs too much...I know that, but they are so darned cute and smart, can't help it.
I looked the house over for Rusty the other morning, he was nowhere to be found.  Went upstairs to my bedroom, called and called, started to panic, had he gotten out the front door somehow?  I called again and listened...all I heard was a muted snoring coming from my bed. I noticed one of the pillows was moving ever so slightly up and down in a rythmic motion.  I hurried downstairs for my camera to record for posterity and to show Larry.  I removed layer by layer very carefully and this is what I found.  Just had to share this. 

The Red Lamp

My sweetheart of more than 47 years has surprised me more than once in giving me my hearts desire.
I'm guessing 20 some odd years ago, Larry and I were driving down a busy street, he, paying attention to traffic, me, enjoying his company and 45 mile per hour window shopping. Suddenly something caught my eye!  Ohhhh did you see that red lamp in the window of that shop I asked...of course he couldn't have, it was four lanes across the street in a small shop and the traffic light was green!  I described it to him, a small tiffany style lamp glowing bright red through its glass shade.  I didn't give it another least I don't remember thinking of it again.  We lived about 35 miles from town at that time so our trips to the 'big city' of Fresno weren't an every day thing.  About two weeks passed and for some reason, Larry had to make a quick trip to town, I stayed home.  When he returned, he had the lamp, not one similar to it, but the lamp.  It was not an inexpensive lamp, least not to me, at least not then, so I treasured it and treasured him even more for knowing which lamp had caught my eye. His quick trip was just for that lamp.
Sometime in the past two years, it got broken.  I was sad to say the least. I looked at the beautiful broken red shade.  Two panels were shattered and in so many pieces that I could never put it back together.  Not being able to put it in the trash, I carefully picked up even the tiniest pieces and deposited them in a bowl. 
It was then that I fully realized that 'things' even special things that carry a precious and loving memory can be broken, but the memory behind it stays intact, just as beautiful as the item itself was.
I wonder how I would have reacted with my own children had one of them been the one that broke it while rough housing?  As it was, it was then three year old Matthew, and he wasn't even touching the lamp, but trying to open a drawer to look inside. My heart jumped when I heard the crash, not for the lamp, but for the little boy I loved way more than the lamp.  After seeing to him, I was relieved that he was ok.
With age comes a softer heart and I hope, wisdom to know whats really important. 
After Matthew left, I got out the bowl of broken glass and the shade.  I bent the framework back as best I could and got out the epoxy, clear tape and the tiny pieces of ruby red glass .  I managed to put it back together haphazardly, filling in the holes with epoxy.  After it dried, I set it up high on top of a bookcase with the broken panels to the back, no one would be the wiser.  It shines just as brightly as it did then. Now when I look at the lamp, I remember how I got it, not that it was broken.  An added bonus, is that I think of Matthew and how lucky I am to have him in my life.

Seeing things differently

I just read a post about Christmas by my son Chris at Autism Spoke.  and wanted to share it.

Once We Were Faeries


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