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Autism Awareness One Dad Bikethon

Chris has been working on the short film 'Say Cheese' feverishly, but with school, family and assorted illnesses thrown in he won't make his deadline for April 2nd.  He will complete the film, but, not wanting to come up empty handed on Autism Awarness Day, he's doing a one dad bikethon this Saturday, April 2nd.
If you would like to give him a word of encouragment you can leave him a comment at the link above.
Thanks so much!

Thank you for participating.

I am in the process of creating for the first five that posted on my Pay It Forward...Thank you for participating, and for your well wishes which are so appreciated!
Kelli...Victoria...Morena...Nicole and Kathy Please visit their wonderful blogs!


Thank you new followers

My new followers are bringing me more beautiful things to look at and wonderful things to learn.  I'm amazed at how much talent there is out there that I was unaware of until I found all of you.  My heartfelt thank you to.....
Eawere Art...Patricia...Acension...Novelda...Deborah...Heather....Patch...Weelittlewest...Sir Alvert...
Allesandra...Colleen and Catherine.

Pay It Forward 2011

I was visiting Kathy's blog, A Delightsome Life... where she shared this idea she found through visiting others blogs.
It's called..... 
Pay It Forward 2011
Being familiar with the concept from the movie with the same title, I wanted to join in!

Here's how it works

The first five people who comment on this blog post will receive a handmade gift from Me....Judy (Once We Were Faeries)

In return, you must FIRST write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward 2011.Then.... send out a handmade gift to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment. Take your don't need to send them all today or tomorrow.  Gifts from the heart are worth the wait!

This is such a nice way to make new friends and share the love of things we create with our hearts and hands.
"It's not the size of the gift that matters, but the spirit 
of paying it forward."
I will be going into the hospital in 10 days, so I may be a little long in getting my offerings out..... lots to do before and recovery after, but I will get them out.
Thank you for participating.

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