Some of my favorite pieces and why....

Nocturne is one that I wish I had kept. The combination of the candles soft glow,the rich fabrics and the unusual brass lamp created a beautiful setting for this sweet little faerie. She lives with a lovely young woman
in England who calls me Nana.

Princess Charlotte was given gorgeous Peacock feathers for wings, dressed in jewel toned fabrics, she truly looked like a Princess.

Captured had such a sad little face.  I felt a strange sense of guilt for being the one responsible for her anguish.

I called this one Jodi`O after my oldest grand daughter.  When she was about four yrs old we were having a picnic in the back yard and being annoyed by a persistant fly... she asked me..."Why did God create flies  anyway?"  She was full of so many questions..much like this little fairy who asked me why are you pulling all the Dandy Lions?  The gist of the piece was that Jodi`O the fairy came along behind me and re-planted the dandelions.

"In Love With The Man In The Moon'
This set had so much to look at.  The sweet faced little Princess dressed in my favorite colors and fabrics, carressing the face of the elegantly bejeweled Man In The Moon, the object of her affection.

Flicker and Flame two of my all time favorites, they were such a fun pair to create.
Irenee, little fairy of illumination, so delicate looking.


tinypearl5758 said...

"wow" I love Flicker and Flame. You put so much emotion into their faces. And I love the story. xxx

Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

Thank you, Flicker and Flame came to life for me (so to speak) I love it when they bring a story with them. :)

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