My random postings, it makes perfect sense to me.

While the main purpose of this blog is to promote my artistic side....I find it impossible to ignore the other parts that are just as, or more important than my sculpting. So, from time to time, I like to share tidbits that make 

My youngest son Chris and youngest grandson Matthew


Fantasy Whispers - Vania Cruz-Perez said...

Hi Judy!!

How wonderful to see your post on my blog! :D
LOL...I laughed when I read the part about your strawberries...just precious!

Its been almost six years now since the first time that I saw your dolls on the internet and I was inspired to create myself. What a long road it has been!!

I'm also a devoted caregiver to my darling nephew Gino, who just turned 3 (July)and is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is also an extremely lovable little boy and I love him to pieces. I plan to read the article just as soon as I finish this post.

I look forward to following your blog and see more of your wonderful work.


Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

I think I've been a fan of yours for just as long Vania. Yes, it's been a long road, but such an enjoyable one. I'm so glad I found your blog!

Thank you for sharing.

duendes said...

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Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

Thank you so much for the visit, I will indeed come visit you!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Judy
Your grandson is blessed to have you in his life. You are called Nana? I am also Nana..
Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such praise for my sister's sculpture.. I don't know if I would ever attempt anything quite that large but it was such fun to watch her.
Enjoy your weekend dear friend

Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

I would love to see more of her work. Does she have a blog or website?
Yes, I'm Nana to all six of my grand children.


tinypearl5758 said...

Hi Judy, firstly I have to say your sculptures are mind blowing. They are incrediably beautiful and thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Secondly, the photo of your son and grand-son is so touching, I just sat her with tears in my eyes, my youngest sister has two Autistic boys. Her life is extremely busy.

She not only fights to get the best education and support for her own boys, she also offers a compassionate ear for those mothers that are struggling and dont have anyone to talk too.

There isn't a lot of support groups or medical help over here in Australia for our special children.

Good luck to your children and keep those fairies coming. xxx Gina

Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

Gina, you have no idea how much your comment means to me. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful little grandson as Matthew.
His parents work constantly, not just for Matthew, but to bring awareness to the needs of all children on the Austism spectrum.

I applaud your sister for her dedication to her children. May she be blessed, and hopefully there will be more programs to assist these special families.


patricia said...

Hi Judy I congratulate you for your work. I have a child with autism and how hard it is, but they are so loving that sometimes I think they are angels with which God blessed us.
I also am an artist and your works are an inspiration. A big kiss for you and your family.

Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

Thank you Patricia, I truly appreciate your comment. I too believe they are angels that are entrusted to us by God. There is nothing like the smile from a child with Autism. I would love to see some of your work when you feel like sharing. A big hug and a kiss to you and your family too!

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