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I've gotten sidetracked a couple of times...nothing new for me, always putting somthing aside for later, after all, I have all the time in the world.  Well, this one was intended to be entered in a local competition, but life happened and she got put in a drawer. Not even put together, she lay there, just a head, legs and arms.  Every time I opened the drawer, there she was, looking at me with her soulful eyes and reminding me in some faded way of my grandmother.  She has the same gentle and kind face that I remember.... mostly from old photographs. She died when I was only four, but memories of her remain, like sitting on her lap and eating dinner.  Walking along side her holding her hand with the ever present white hankie...maybe thats why I collect hankies...never thought of it before.  I distinctly remember holding on to two of her fingers while she held the hankie in her palm. Even though I only had her for a few young years, she made an impression on me.  That being said, I felt the need to complete this one before I can continue with another.
She is titled Time Flies and is dressed in antique lace and fabrics, adorned with numerous tiny time pieces, some with wings, some still waiting in a pocket watch case laying on the hem of her dress.


Lori said...

Oh Judy! She is wonderful. What a Stunning work of art and your story about her is heartwarming!
I love it!

kelli said...

absolutely gorgeous. i can't stop admiring!

as soon as i read the first part of your post i called my grandmom.=)

Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

Thank you Lori and Kelli, this piece is close to my heart and your comments on it are appreciated!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

She is so beautiful Judy. So glad you found the inspiration to finish her, what wonderful memories.

Victoria ♥

Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

Thank you Victoria, I'm happy to have finished her. So sweet of you to comment!

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

As much as I love all your pieces, Judy, I think Time Flies might be my new favorite. Time does indeed fly, and she is a gentle reminder that we should cherish the moment....right now.
What a blessing that you have those sentimental moments with your grandmother to yet walk with you hand in hand.
lovingly, Rose

Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

Thank you Rose, your words are always so kind and appreciated. I have few, but very vivid memories of my special grandmother. I hope she knows how much she has stayed with me. I will try to post a picture of her soon.
Much love,

tinypearl5758 said...

She is absolutely beautiful, I love your work, thank you for sharing her with us. xxx

Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

Thank you Gina, she will be going to her new owner soon. I hate to see her go, but feel honored that someone else wanted her too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Judy,
I just stumbled upon your site and I have fallen in love with your dolls and you. You are such a gentle soul and your work most definitely shows that. This particular doll is just breathtaking and it brought to mind the fact that there will be a competition with the time theme coming up by DABIDA on February 1, 2011, that you may want to send for. This website has information on it:
I plan to try my hand at it...but having 6 little ones to care for doesn't give me much time to play LOL.
Anyways, thought I would let you know about this.
Many blessings and wishing you a wonderful blessed Christmas!
Carla Goncalves of Incanto Studios

Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

Carla, you have made my day so much nicer with your comment. What a wonderful person you must be to take the time to comment on my blog. I'm happy that you like Time Flies and I thank you for the invitation, I will most certainly look into it. Unfortunately though, I no longer have Time Flies.

I can only imagine having six little ones, but I can also imagine the fun it must be. Mine are long grown, and I miss them as children terribly.
Please find time for your clay, you will love it.

Thank you again for your kind and inspiring words. If you have a blog, please send me a link, I would like to visit!
I wish you a wonderful and blessed Christmas too!

Madsculptor said...

You create beautiful work. I hope you can continue your art for many years to come. Mark

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