Welcome to new friends

Thank you wonderful people for sharing your blogs with me. I find something unique and interesting in each and every one. Thank you to, Bella, Misty, Kathy,Gail,Rocca, Tanya, and my old friend Lana.......Lana's not old, I've just known her for a long time. =>)
All your blogs have enriched me, from the beadings, glassworks, miniatures, home decorating, foods....of all kinds, and pets, to my fellow sculptors, I love 'em all! Thank you!



Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Judy
What a treat is was to see you had made a most welcome visit tonight.. I am so happy you enjoyed viewing my little paintings. I still have much to learn about watercolors. I used my watercolor pencils for these paintings.. I do love working with the wet waters, but with the pencils I feel I have more control over small areas.. Have you tried the watercolor PENCILS? If not you should give it a go.. They are not really suited for large areas but seem to work for miniatures... I am sure with your gifted hands you would turn out something beautiful.
Give it another try will you?
Hope all is well with you and family..

Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

Thank you for the encouragement Penny. I have watercolor pencils as well as the paint. This is my second set of paints, I got frustrated and gave the first set away. Maybe I'm a little too impatient.
I really admire your talent.
Bebe says bonjour and sends a tiny little hug!

Once We Were Faeries


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